Black Body Bags

from by Taaj.Alon

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Fresh I'm,
from the best side,
in the middle of the state, interstate lines,
I express mine,
at a fast pace,
laced with the best rhymes,
plus cyanide, check you out like express lines,
speedy wit it
E is indeed the illest,
critics can Eat a D when I E-N-D every sentence
see me I'm blowing up, like it's TNT when I kick it,
I frequently speak the truth and I blow the lid off of secrets,
penetrating flow blows a hole in yo defense, No, this is real,
I abhore all the pretense,
bars hitchu in the balls like a knee lift, pause,
im barely gettin warm, lemme begin,
I follow leads of the seasoned,
why the hell would chase footseps of niggas who barely eating?
I took a trip to the garden of eden, and bartered for leniency,
after I ate the fuit from all of the trees in,
I cut a path that is only for me and-
walk it until the shoes I walk in lose sole(soul) like a bargain with demons
these rappers suck so bad, I can hardly believe it/
betchu in the back of the track you hear em gargling semen,
I got em saltier than rims upon a magerita,
feeling smaller than Kevin Hart in basketball arena
tryna tell me how you so hard and like to palm a nina
butchu bout as real as mista bob dobalina,
naw neega,
I should change the name to born leader,
cause I can zone, and I never have to spark reefer,
blood and bone, life, sling poems through the speaker,
heat seeker, tell ya camp stay low, like sonny cheeba,


whoever said I was 1 dimesional lied,
I lyrically shine, I'm live electrical wires,
with the knowledge of the elderly wise,
a prophet in the form of a man who was formally outta NY
putting grips on the mic, see the fire in eyes
working on hits, wrote the I'm dotting the i,
now I'm bout to bring T to the mainstream,
changed the name to rhymes,
Stop TIME!
ya laws are not mine,
call shots, like I know hitmen with hotlines,
built strength like gyms with gems that shock minds,
spit phlegmn watch it turn into men as it drops down
existence, drips from lips to drum sounds,
beyond rhyme, this is beginning of all time,
it's the genesis, the pinnacle, missin you small minds,
when I'm penning I'm tapping into what was before time...
this is beyond mortal fathoming,
I shine like the brightest star, when the voice of god I am channeling.
lodestone flows, I am managing,
attractive as I'm rambling, I glow like my souls solar panneling,
I'm not on wax yet,
but I'll soon serve lanolin,
the wool is off, watch the lone wolf cause panicking
I lost my throne, but now I'm the man again,
like a ressurection,
put the breath in a mannequin,
//so tremendous,
this potent dope is given to you all,
dont take it in vain, like syringes,
the scheme is skilled like a ninja-
every twist of the pen tip serves in decimating!


from X, released December 25, 2012




Taaj.Alon Macon, Georgia

A multi-talented artist hailing from Macon,Georgia. Equipped with the ability to sing, rap and illustrate his imagination with words and instrumentals, Taaj.Alon is quickly becoming a formidable force in urban music.

Enter the Genesis Zone.
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