The Easy Way Out

from by Taaj.Alon

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a slave to my passion,
trying to be anything but a never has been,
like I always have been,
ducking sadness,
trapped with my finger tips attached to the pen and pad gripped-
but no matter how I practice, I'm stagnant,
sacrificed it all for this rap shit...
never went to college, never had a plan B to fall back with,
never established,
a safety net, so when I fall backwards,
my whole world comes crashing,
and my whole world shattered,
the day the doctor told me that my mother was never gonna come back again,
my heart blackening,
so I gotta vent through a track again,
so much tragedy packed in my abdomen-
stabbin at my sanity, pain is a javelin,
soul searchin gotta nigga travelin,
through the deepest reaches of my mind,
find the wounds then I bandage em,
not fully repaired,
but appear like I'm managing,


I'm tryna be the best that I can be,
but the best part of me is obsolete
(why am I here?)
tryna give it all that I have,
but this life took all that I had
(What am I doing?)
it's hard not to hate myself,
when i'm compelled to just break myself
(cause a voice inside)
says why do I try?
it's hard to endure,
but it's easy to die


from X, released December 25, 2012




Taaj.Alon Macon, Georgia

A multi-talented artist hailing from Macon,Georgia. Equipped with the ability to sing, rap and illustrate his imagination with words and instrumentals, Taaj.Alon is quickly becoming a formidable force in urban music.

Enter the Genesis Zone.
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